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DOE Marine Division Seabed survey and monitoring sites (Metadata)

Seabed survey and monitoring sites identifies locations where dive surveys are carried out to assess the biodiversity and condition of a site under conservation legislation. Data is also used as...

Northern Ireland Railways's Platforms (Metadata)

A Northern Ireland Railways Platform is defined as a structure that provides, or originally provided, access for passengers to trains at a station or halt, or for loading onto or unloading goods...

Planning Service (NI) Built Environment Conservation Areas (INSPIRE View Service)

Conservation areas, Areas of Townscape Heritage and Areas of Village Character for the built environment. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use Resource Locator 2.

CEDaR EHS Macro Moth Recording (Pre-defined Download)

An inventory of 9,497 macro moth records collected using Robinson MV light trap, collated by Maurice Hughes, within the date range 2001 - 2003 across Northern Ireland. Users outside of the...

DOE Marine Division Water Framework Directive annex 8 and annex 10 pollutant monitoring (Pre-defined Download)

Marine pollutants monitoring in accordance with the Water Framework Directive Annex 8 and Annex 10. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use Resource Locator 2.

DOE Marine Division Offshore Marine Litter Monitoring (Pre-defined Download)

Seabed Marine Litter data obtained during the course of Irish Sea fisheries bottom trawl surveys. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use Resource Locator 2.

NI Councils Petroleum Storage (Metadata)

Locations of Council Licensed Petroleum Storage Premises in NI

CEDaR Loughs Agency General Fish Survey (INSPIRE View Service)

Survey of fish to establish the status and distribution of these species in Northern Ireland. 1,582 records collected by Loughs Agency in 1999 and collated by Julia Nunn. Users outside of the...

GSNI Tellus Regional Airborne Geophysical Survey - Radiometrics (Metadata)

An airborne geophysical survey of the whole of Northern Ireland was flown by the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland in 2005 and 2006 as part of the Tellus project funded by the Department of...

AFBI Soil Geochemical Map of total Manganese for Northern Ireland (Metadata).

The AFBI Soil Geochemical map of total manganese (aqua regia digestion, mg/kg) for Northern Ireland is a 1km grid map, interpolated (using kriging) from over 6000 topsoil samples.

LPS OSNI Largescale Positional Improvement (PI) (WMS)

This web service shows the progress of OSNI Largescale currently being positionally improved (PI) as well as tiles that do not require PI. PI Progress is updated weekly.

CEDaR DANI Fisheries Division (Pre-defined Download)

Inventory of 3580 fresh water species records from all over mainly the North of Ireland, within date range 1963-2001, collated by Robert Rosell. Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use...

NI Councils Smoke Control Zones (Pre-defined Download)

Layer depicting the smoke control zones as per Clean Air (Northern Ireland)Order 1981 and The Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002 Please Note: Some records may be missing from this service...

RQIA Registered Residential Homes (Metadata)

This dataset details the residential care homes (establishments which provide residential accommodation and personal care for persons of old age,infirmity,disablement or mental disorder)in Northern...

HSC Trusts Closed Communities (Metadata)

This dataset details the HSC Trusts Closed Communities including Acute Hospitals, Local Hospitals, BSO Procurement and Logistic Services depots and Mental Health & Learning Disability facilities.

AFBI - Marine - Nephrop burrow counts (Metadata)

A number of survey locations in the Irish Sea are monitored to assess the number of nephrop burrows present. This data is collected by AFBI from surveys on AFBI's research vessel, Corystes.

Forest Service Water Buffer Areas in Forests (Metadata)

The dataset displays Forest Service Sub-compartment boundaries designated with the Secondary Land Use Code (SLUC)of Water Buffer. Non-Forested, Open Ground area between a water body or ...

AFBI Map of Potential Soil Erosion Risk for Northern Ireland (Metadata).

The AFBI 1km Map of Potential Soil Erosion Risk for Northern Ireland integrates factors such as slope, soil texture and landcover to produce a 5-fold classificastion of risk.

CEDaR Fen Survey of Plants (Pre-defined Download)

An inventory of 11,727 records collated by Damian McFerran to establish status and distribution of vascular plants occurring in fen sites. Records are from south and south east areas of Northern...

GSNI Regional Airborne Magnetics Survey 1959 (Metadata)

These data are the 1959-60 airborne magnetic survey of Northern Ireland carried out by Canadian Aero Service Ltd. for the Government of Northern Ireland as part of a UK-wide programme. The survey...