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North Yorkshire population summary

Overview of the most recent population estimates, projections Census information on the demographics of the County


Housebuilding figures on dwellings started and homes completed at district and county level

Procurement Information for Scarborough Borough Council

No description provided

Child poverty

Children in families experiencing economic deprivation

Organisation and Salary Information for Hambleton District Council

No description provided

Locality profiles

Infographic area profiles providing key facts and highlighting local issues at district and sub-district level, produced in 2015 and 2016. The profiles include information on the population,...

Back pain bulletin

Prevelance of back pain in England and in North Yorkshire from Arthritis Research UK

Council Spending Information for Selby District Council

The government recommends that local authorities publish expenditure over £500 and all expenditure made on purchasing cards.

MSOA Boundary

No description provided

Council Constitution for Scarborough Borough Council

No description provided

Vacant dwellings

Statistics on vacant dwelling and empty homes

Superfast Broadband Coverage at Postcode Level, OFCOM 2014

Broadband Speed and Mobile Coverage at Postcode Sector Level

Procurement Information for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

The government recommends that organisations publish expenditure over £500.

Local Authority Land and Assets for Selby District Council

No description provided

Total and Percentage in Employment by Broad Industrial Group

Business Register and Employment Survey 2013

Job Density

Information The number of jobs in an area divided by the resident population aged 16-64 in that area. For example, a job density of 1.0 would mean that there is one job for every resident aged...

Land and Asset Information for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

No description provided

Old age dependency ratios

Change in ratio of working age to older age people at district level, projected over a 25 year period


Numbers of households including household projections

Strava Heat Map

Find out the most popular cycling routes and running routes across North Yorkshire and the world. This is a useful website to show where the most popular cycling and running routes are in your...