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Council properties under-occupation

Dataset showing those properties which are deemed to be under occupation. These have all had a reduction in their housing benefit. In some cases the reduction has been paid for by a Discretionary...

Council tax charges

Council tax charges information by property band

Software licences

A list of software licenses.

Online payments

This dataset shows the actual number and value of payments received by Leeds City Council through online means and telephone calls. Heading meanings ---------------- * Internet: electronic...

Fraud investigations

Dataset showing information on the numbers and costs on investigating fraud. Local Government Transparency Code 2015 --------------------------------------- * This is a key dataset which the...

Leeds schools all information

This dataset shows all schools in Leeds including: * The name, address and eastings and northings of each school * The contact details of each school including telephone number, email and...

Pedestrian crossing points

A dataset to show the traffic light crossing points in Leeds giving road name, postcode, easting and northing. The data consists of * road junctions which contain signalled crossing points. * ...

Talk Share Learn Leeds

This dataset has been created to power the Talk, Share, Learn - Leeds app which has been created by Leeds City Council's Children's Services team with local developer Imactivate.

Parking spaces

This dataset lists the number of parking spaces in each classification managed by the Parking Services section of Leeds City Council. It shows the free and charged-for parking spaces...

Library computer use by age

This data set shows IT use, by age, in Leeds libraries on a monthly basis.

Life Expectancy in Leeds (3 year averages)

Life expectancy in years (3 year averages). Attention should be given to upper and lower 95% confidence intervals as a quick method of determining whether expectancies could overlap or are...

School term times

Details of the term times of Leeds schools since 1993.

Potholes and expenditure

This data set shows the total number of potholes repaired each year on roads in Leeds and the related expenditure.

Schools contacts

Key contact information for schools in Leeds.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment collections

A dataset providing the number and weight of items collected under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive from council locations.  The category definition file provides a...

Community centres

Detailed list of all community centres in Leeds. Data includes name of the centre, address, contact details and facilities.

Leeds annual traffic growth

A dataset to show the traffic count from 30 cameras located around Leeds. Please note ----------- * Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken.  * Cosit - camera ID number which...

Leeds meteorological data

Hourly and 15 minute meteorological data from a weather station in Leeds. Please note the change of location of the station as below. Readings were taken at: ----------------------- * Pottery...

Leeds annual cycle growth

A dataset to show the cycle counts from 23 recorders located around Leeds and Bradford. 10 of these have no data prior to 2016 with a further 2 no data prior to 2017. Please Note ----------- * ...

Election results - local

This dataset provides information on local elections in Leeds. You can find details of candidates, the parties they represent, and the number of votes they received. Please note ----------- * ...