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Operation of police powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation: quarterly data on outcomes and stops & searches Great Britain

Quarterly data on the number of terrorism arrests, outcomes of terrorist arrests, principal offences for which terrorism suspects charged and time (in days) from arrest to charge or release of...

Firearms database

Contains details of all those who have applied for and have been granted section 5 authority to possess prohibited weapons.

People Facts

Publication of management information including workforce planning, sick absence and equality and diversity data in a BI Publisher booklet with automatic redaction in line with requirements of DPA.

Police use of Taser

Police use of Taser statistics for England and Wales, by force, including a breakdown by type of use Source agency: Home Office Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

DCLG DATA4NR: British Crime Survey: Confidence in the criminal justice system

Confidence in the criminal justice system. Data4NR reference.

Homicide Index

Details include names of victims and supsects including court outcomes, if any.

Fire statistics: Non-dwelling fires attended

This information covers fires, false and other incidents attended by firecrews, and the statistics include the numbers of incidents, fires, fatalities and casualties as well as information on...

Policy and legislative changes affecting migration to the UK

Contains details of policy changes, together with information on changes to immigration legislation that affect immigration statistics.

Evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project

This report presents the findings of the evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project (ELAP) which was provided for asylum seekers.

DCLG Data4NR: CDRP Family: Statistical group

Grouping similar policing and crime reduction areas for comparative purposes. Data4NR reference.

Case management system for recording FOI requests

Access Database recording details of FOI requests, including name and contact details of requestor.

An overview of hate crime in England and Wales

This report brings together, for the first time, a range of official statistics on hate crime in England and Wales from across the crime and criminal justice system. It is the third in a series...

Entry clearance visas by purpose and length of stay

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas, by purpose and length (excluding visitor and transit visas)

Crime in England and Wales: Quarterly Update

Presents the most recent crime statistics from the British Crime Survey (BCS) and police recorded crime in England and Wales. Responsibility for the compilation and publication of all crime...


iQuanta is a web-based service provided to operational staff in police forces, Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) and HMIC.

Central government police revenue funding 1995-96 to 2009-10

The Home Office is publishing a series of consistent police revenue funding numbers from 1995/96-2009/10. This allows comparison of funding levels over time.

DCLG Data4NR: Court proceedings and cautions

Persons found guilty of all offences at magistrates' courts by police force area, sex, age and type of offence. Data4NR reference.

Recorded crime data at local authority level

The datasets contain recorded crime figures for local authorities. The data are rolling 12 month totals, with data points shown at the end of each financial year between 2002/03 and 2006/07 and at...

Home Office Annual Report

The annual report sets out the vision and priorities of the department over the past year, including progress against our priorities, and also sets out what the aims of the department are going...

Operation of Police Powers under the Terrorism Act 2000: annual report on arrests, outcomes and stops & searches

This annual report brings together statistical material relating to the Terrorism Act 2000 and subsequent legislation, including arrests and their outcomes, and stops and searches made under the...