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Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction Survey

The annual HE-BCI survey examines the exchange of knowledge between universities and the wider world, and informs the strategic direction of 'knowledge exchange' activity that funding bodies and...

National Scholarship Programme monitoring data

The survey collects data on institutional plans and expenditure on the National Scholarship Programme.

Research Assessment Exercise 2001

The Research Assessment Exercise was a peer review exercise to evaluate the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. Limited demographics. Details on research active staff together...

Co-funded employer engagement return

Higher Education Institution (HEI) co-funded employer engagement student numbers. This was a return from HEIs in receipt of co-funded student numbers.

Higher Education Student Early Statistics Survey (HESES)

Provides in-year estimates of higher education student numbers on recognised higher education courses.

Organogram of Staff Roles & Salaries

Organogram (organisation chart) showing all staff roles. Names and salaries are also listed for the Senior Civil Servants. Organogram data is released by all central government departments and...

Board members’ expenses

These datasets provide summary data for each financial year concerning spend relating to attendance at HEFCE Board meetings.

Research Activity Survey

This was an annual return providing data on: fundable research students who were eligible to pay home and EC fees and research income from charities.