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Gift Aid Repayments to Charities

Provides annual information on Gift Aid repayments to charities, with counts of charities and total amounts of repayments of basic rate income tax. Previoulsy listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and...

Gambling Accounting Centre data (GAC)

Betting, gaming and lottery duties returns. Updated: monthly.

Inheritance Tax

Administrative datasets on Inheritance Tax

HM Revenue & Customs Receipts

Provides monthly and annual historical records on all HMRC Tax & NIC receipts, and Tax Credit payments. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits: Tax receipts and...

Evaluation and Evaluation Evidence Databases

Tracks the status of HMRC evaluations of research and analyses, findings and meta-data. Updated: ad hoc.

Time To Pay arrangements

Time to pay arrangements are bi-lateral arrangements between taxpayers and HMRC where and arrangement to pay tax cue over an extended time period has been agreed. Updated: monthly.

International Trade

Administrative datasets on Customs Duties, other taxes due and administer International Trade

Change of Work Orders (CWO)

Record of and documentation to show formal requests for change issued to estates Private Finance Initiative (PFI) providers. Updated: as required.

External written translation fees

Data on the fees HMRC pays to external suppliers for written translation services. Updated: monthly.

Individual Savings Accounts Detailed Tables 9.7 to 9.12

Provides information on the distributions of savings in Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) by income, age, gender and region Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

Stamp Duty Model

Sampled Base year MSD data and SAS code to project this data forward using HMT assumptions on property prices and transaction volumes growth

Large & Complex Hit Rate

Internal Departmental Systems on Large & Complex Hit Rates. Updated: monthly.

Capital Gains Tax

Administrative datasets to collect Capital Gains Tax, derived from the Self Assessment main returns.

Research and Development Tax Credits

Provides annual information about the uptake of R&D (Research & Development) tax credits, their cost, and the nature of the companies claiming them. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based...

Survey Compliance Costs to Businesses and Local Authorities

HMRC Survey Compliance Costs To Businesses and Local Authorities - This publication contains statistics of HMRC survey compliance costs Source agency: HM Revenue and Customs Designation: National...

High Net Worth Unit (HNWU) Population Refinement Data

A variety of datasets for analysis of High Wealth individuals to assist HMRC's High Net Worth Unit in maintaining and refining its population. Matches 10 years of Inheritance Tax Data to the...

Office Furniture Specifications

Specifications and details of products by supplier that meet HMRC requirements. Updated: ad hoc.

Staff Engagement

Survey of employee engagement levels. Updated: quarterly.

Insurance Premium Tax

Administrative datasets on Insurance Premium Tax

Child and Working Tax Credits - Finalised Awards

Annual average Child and Working tax credits statistics of finalised awards for each year. Geographical analysis down to local authority level. Supplement on over and under payments. Supplement...