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Customs 2013 EU initiative data

Data on Customs 2013 initiative requested by EU. Updated: quarterly / annually.

Business Review of the Collection Service (BROCS)

Daily record of payments posted on BROCS. BROCS maintains the accounting records, issue reminders for late payment and transfer debts to Integrated Debt Management System (IDMS) for Pay As You...

Personal Wealth

This publication contains information about Identified Personal Wealth in the UK, i.e. wealth based on the assets (including land and buildings, cash, bank and building society accounts and...

VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)

EC Sales Lists data & acquisition data on goods & services (services with effect from 2010)

North Sea Oil Model

SAS based field microsimulation model used principally for forecasting North Sea oil and gas revenues. Includes survey data of oil and gas companies' production and expenditure, as well as...

Travel Carbon Emissions for HMRC staff

The carbon emitted from transport used by staff on HMRC business. Updated: monthly.

Invoices Prompt Payments

The proportion of invoices paid to agreed timescales. Updated: monthly.


The reporting rate for staff declaring their ethnicity, gender etc. Updated: monthly.

Cross-channel smuggling survey (XCS)

Cross-channel Smuggling survey. Updated: ad hoc. Data coverage: 2001/02, 2002/03, 2000/01

Risk Support System database

Risk and Intelligence Service database which holds a list of the risked based enquiries and cases to be worked by compliance officers (typically in Local Compliance). Updated: ad hoc. Data...

Trust Data Marts

Trusts data represents different pages of the Trust & Estate tax return, analogous to SA data for individuals. Trusts returns are filled in by trustees, not beneficiaries. Updated: annually....

Inheritance Tax: Analysis of Receipts

Provides information on Inheritance Tax (IHT) cash receipts from estates and trusts and values of non-cash settlements of IHT liabilities. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits:...

Personal Income Analyses: Other analyses, regional

Provides estimates for regional, administrative and political geographical areas plus measures of precision for those estimates. The estimates are for individuals liable to UK income tax and their...

Business Payment Support Service Dataset (BPSS)

Tax reference level information about Time To Pay requests from taxpayers to HMRC and the Debt Management & Banking (DMB) Directorate. Updated: weekly.

Tax Agents

Name and address details of Tax Agents including appropriate agent identifier

Registered Excise Dealers and Shippers (REDS)

Provides information on revenue collected by different duties through registered excise dealers and shippers data. Updated: monthly.

National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

Administrative datasets on National Insurance Contributions (NICs)

Child and Working Tax Credits - Small Area Data

Child and Working tax credits statistics of finalised awards for each year, using live awards as at 31st August. Geographical analysis down to Lower-layer Super Output Area. Including National...

Corporation Tax Liabilities

Provides breakdowns of the corporation liability by number, income, allowances, deductions, company sector and financial year for the UK. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and Benefits:...

Child Benefit (CHB) population data

Administrative data from the Child Benefit Computer System (CBCS), covering claimants, children and alternative payees. Updated: quarterly.