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Non-consolidated performance related payments

Relates to all bonus payments paid this year to Senior Civil Service levels of staff

GH stock data

details of equipment (linen, glass, silver, china) owned by Government Hospitality

Inward Visits contacts database

database of Visits contacts used for setting up visits to the UK

Gifts Received and Given by FCO Ministers

Details of gifts received and given by FCO Ministers valuing over £140.

Consular casework information

Information on individual consular assistance cases.

Territory Register

British English-language names and descriptive terms for political, administrative and geographical entities that aren’t recognised as countries by the UK Registers - Registers are lists of...

Correspondence Tracking System (CTS)

A database that logs incoming letters from Parliamentarians and Members of the Public for a reply by FCO Ministers. The system allows the letters to be tracked as responses are drafted, approved...

FCO Counter Fraud Loses

This Report is a record of a.ll fraud cases that FCO investigated in the Financial Year in the FCO Annual Accounts 2016/17

FCO Special Advisers Gifts Received

Details of the Gifts over £140 received by FCO Special Advisers

Senior Staff Quarterly returns - business expenses

Senior Staff Quarterly returns - business expenses

Gifts given by Ministers in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office valued at over £140

A quarterly-updated list of all gifts over £140 received by ministers and whether they were kept

Parliamentary Question Management System (PQMS)

A database that logs incoming PQs records which internal FCO department they have been allocated to for reply, notes when they have received Minsiterial approval, and then despatches the responses...

Chevening Scholarships

These dataset gives details for the monthly stipend payable to FCO Chevening Scholars when studying in the UK from overeseas.

Consular Management Information

FCO Consular Management Information (MI) Data from various sources (including Compass, BRIDGE, and the Online Monthly Collection Sheet (OMCS) returns). It is used to allow Consular to retrieve...

FCO Senior Staff Travel Overseas

Details of travel expenses for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's senior London-based staff.

Table of fees

The Table of Fees relates to Consular services. It lists the services that Consular are able to provide which attract a fee, and what that fee is (in sterling). Fees are set so that the cost...

Outward Visits by Ministers and members of the Royal Family

Data on travel and protection arrangements

Foreign & Commonwealth Office Sustainability Report

This Report gives details of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Annual Sustainability information.

FCO Prompt payment data

From 1 April 2015 all central government departments, including their executive agencies and non departmental public bodies, are required to report on their prompt payment performance. They must...

Agreed International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Implementation Plan

FCO plan to reach IATI standard for publication of Official Development Assistance Data