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Contract documents

Commercial details of contracts including Prices, quotations, tender evaluation, payment terms

Testing And Registration System (TARS) refunds

Details & copies of logos issued (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and & SAFED).

Theory Test Bookings

Theory Test Bookings including name, address, payment details, contact numbers, test time and location, any medical needs, completed test forms

Staff Development Records

Development Including Appraisal Results, Training History Training Needs Analysis

Driving Standards Agency Archive

DSA Archive containing information to mark the anniversary of the driving test, DSA etc.

Legacy E-Payfact - for P11 D returns

Legacy Expenses and Benefits Return to HMRC including - Employee name, national insurance number, pay reference number, Bank Account, Tax Details, Deductions, Date of Birth etc

Credit card charge backs

Credit card charge backs including bank reference, candidate name and address, date of test, booking reference number, credit card number used and name and address of card holder.

Info held by Capita Recruitment Vetting Service.

Name, address, contact details, date of birth, disclosure reference numbers.

Vendor Details (Masterdata)

Vendor Details (Masterdata) including name, address, Bank account, contact names, VAT number etc

Quality Assurance database

Information used to ensure the consistency and quality of the driving test.

Telephone recordings

Telephone recording of Applications from Candidates for a theory test

Disclosure Log

Recording details of Criminal Record Checks for Potential and Approved Driving Instructors.

Privacy Impact Assessment central register

Privacy Impact Assessment central register

Vendor Transaction Records

Vendor Transaction Records including Order details, payment history etc

Driving Instructor Records

Scanned driving instructor documentation including applications to become an instructor, all communications with the instructor and information relating to that instructor.

Information Assurance Audit reports

A central register of Information Assurance audit reports

Policy Framework and policies

Policy Framework and policies

Absence records

Absence/ Medical Including Attendance/ Leave Details, Sick Absence, Disability Information etc.

Incident Reporting Log

Incident Reporting Log recording the near misses and incidents covering physical, personnel and information security occurrences.

Criminal Records Bureau Application forms

Criminal Records Bureau and Disclosure Scotland application forms from Approved Driving Instructors & Potential Driving Instructors.