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Public attitudes towards train services

This publication summarises adults' experiences of, and attitudes towards, rail travel in Great Britain using questions asked on the Office for National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) Survey in...

Penna 360

360 data on Senior Managers. Penna invite colleagues of the requestor to complete a 15 online questionnaire on the requestor. The 360 Partnership, compile and release analysis to DfT.

Accident Reporting System

Accident, near miss and incident report submissions.

Civil Service People Survey

Legacy data compiled by the Open Research Compiler (ORC). This is staff anonymous data following a staff survey, conducted every year.

Congestion on local 'A' roads

This publication contains the latest provisional official statistics on congestion on local 'A' roads. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Bus and Light Rail Statistics, Great Britain

Bulletin presenting the latest quarterly data on passenger satisfaction, bus reliability and bus and light rail patronage in Great Britain. Source agency: Transport Designation: National...

Electric Chargepoint Analysis 2017: Domestics

Experimental statistics on the usage of OLEV-funded domestic chargepoints in the UK in 2017. This includes details of charging events and amount of energy supplied.

Access control database

Database of staff name, office address and photograph.

2008-09 LENNON sales data download

Rail Service Analysis (RSA) 2008-09 LENNON sales data download. Data collection ceased.

Forecast of Vehicle Costs

A model which provides detailed forecasts of vehicle costs to 2050. Data collection ceased.

Department for Transport prompt payment performance

Information on invoice payment performance for the Department for Transport and the transport agencies, including details of invoices paid within 5 working days and invoices paid within 30 working...

Workforce Management Information - Department for Transport

Monthly management information on staff numbers and paybill costs in Civil Service departments, their agencies and their executive NDPBs. For workforce numbers, both payroll and non-payroll...

Transport Connectivity Travel Time Data

Representative travel times from each small area of England to selected transport destinations (airports, larger rail stations and major road junctions) which are the outputs of journey time...

Software Licence Tracker

Details of licensing information for software purchased/held by DfT(Central).

Core Accessibility Indicator: Secondary schools

Proportion of a) pupils of compulsory school age; b) pupils of compulsory school age in receipt of free school meals within 20 and 40 minutes of a secondary school by public transport/walking and...

NI 178 - Bus services running on time

Proportion running on time and excess waiting times for bus services. Punctuality is generally measured according to the guidance provided by the Department for Transport on the CLIP...

Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Provisional Estimates

This quarterly release provides provisonal estimated for reported road casualties by road user type and severity. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language:...

NDPB membership application papers (BTPA only)

Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) applications and associated material relating to public appointments to the division's NDPB, including personal information needing protection

Road Casualties in Great Britain: Estimates for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels

Release containing annual statistics on accidents involving drinking and driving in Great Britain. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title:...

Core Accessibility Indicator: Employment

Proportion of a) people of working age (16-74); b) people in receipt of Jobseekers' Allowance within 20 and 40 minutes of work by public transport/walking and cycling; Source: Department for...