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ITIS journey time data

Integrated Transport Information Service (ITIS) congestion data - Data purchased from ITIS containing GPS-derived journey times of vehicles. Data collection ceased.

National Rail Travel Survey (NRTS)

Rail Service Analysis (RSA). The National Rail Travel Survey (NRTS) collected data on a sample of rail journeys. Data items include origin & destination addresses, rail stations used, reason...

Rail passenger count data

Rail Analysis. Train operators collect passenger count data on periodic cycles (at least biannually), to facilitate capacity planning and rolling stock allocation within individual Train Operating...

Road casualties: Headline figures

Figures on the number of people killed and injured on the roads. Detailed information about accident circumstances, vehicle involvement and the consequent casualties Source: Department for...

High Speed Rail consultation (electronic)

Responses received to the 2011 High Speed Rail consultation (web, e-mail, scanned version of hard copy responses). Dataset contain personal information including name, address, postcode, email...

Sea Passenger Statistics

Annual release presenting an analysis of international and domestic sea-going passenger traffic by route and by UK port. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language:...

2008-09 LENNON sales data download

Rail Service Analysis (RSA) 2008-09 LENNON sales data download. Data collection ceased.

Penna 360

360 data on Senior Managers. Penna invite colleagues of the requestor to complete a 15 online questionnaire on the requestor. The 360 Partnership, compile and release analysis to DfT.

Bus and Light Rail Statistics, Great Britain

Bulletin presenting the latest quarterly data on passenger satisfaction, bus reliability and bus and light rail patronage in Great Britain. Source agency: Transport Designation: National...

London Area Travel Survey (LATS)

The London Area Travel Survey (LATS) collected data on a sample of rail journeys in 2001. Data items include origin & destination addresses, rail stations used, reason for journey, ticket type,...

Civil Service People Survey

Legacy data compiled by the Open Research Compiler (ORC). This is staff anonymous data following a staff survey, conducted every year.

Congestion on local 'A' roads

This publication contains the latest provisional official statistics on congestion on local 'A' roads. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

GB Road Lengths

Length of roads by road class

Electric Chargepoint Analysis 2017: Domestics

Experimental statistics on the usage of OLEV-funded domestic chargepoints in the UK in 2017. This includes details of charging events and amount of energy supplied.

Public attitudes towards train services

This publication summarises adults' experiences of, and attitudes towards, rail travel in Great Britain using questions asked on the Office for National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) Survey in...

Accident Reporting System

Accident, near miss and incident report submissions.

Greater Anglia Data Site

Web-based. Holds information, in lieu of a physical data room, for accredited bidders. Competition for the franchise has ended. The data site is archived by the data site provider on to DVD. Will...

Free Flow Vehicle Speeds Statistics

This publication gives speeds on free flowing road traffic. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Free Flow Vehicle Speeds Statistics

Air Fares Data

Air Fares Data Data currently held by service operators and therefore not available in a nationally consistent format This data is held by the transport operators

Access control database

Database of staff name, office address and photograph.