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Coal producers and distributors survey

Survey of coal producers and coal distributers

Domestic Fuels Inquiry (DFI)

Quarterly survey of tariff details and customer numbers for the 6 major domestic electricity and gas suppliers, plus a few independents.

Ringtail operated by Nabarro

Document management system for knee litigation disclosure. Access allowed to plaintiffs legal representatives

RHI payment data

Administrative dataset of payments made to applicants under RHI

CCA data for target setting (sector evidence templates)

Evidence gathered from sectors who 'counter proposed' original energy efficiency improvement targets set by CCA team.

Proportion of Employee Jobs in Selected Industry Sectors by English NUTS Regions

This data details the proportion of employee jobs in selected industry sectors by NUTS areas. Data is on a NUTS1 or NUT2 geographical level, depending on the availability of data at a lower spatial...

Weekly Prices

Weekly survey of oil companies and supermarkets for pump prices of road fuels

Efficiency in the higher education sector: technical exploration

The efficiency scores, as shown in the historgrams, that are derived from the econometric analysis.

Global marginal abatement cost curves by country, sector and mitigation option 2015 – 2050

The data consists of marginal abatement cost curves . The data is used as an input for the DECC GLOCAF model, which estimates future global Green House Gas emissions abatement. The data starts at...

Chemical Weapons Convention Inspectors database

Details of all Chemical Weapons Convention inspectors worldwide

Warm Front close out report

This report marks the final year of the Warm Front scheme after more than a decade of providing heating and insulation measures to low income and vulnerable customers across England.

Low carbon and environmental goods and services industry analysis

Underlying data from Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) reports. Quantifies the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector with data on UK and international markets...

Improvements to the Construction Price Indices and impacts

This article reports on work to develop and test improvements to the methodology and reporting of the construction price and cost indices. Source agency: Business, Innovation and...

Warm Front data

For the last decade, the Warm Front Scheme was Government's key scheme to tackle fuel poverty. It closed in 2012/13. It provided grants to vulnerable consumers for heating and insultation...

Modern workplaces consultation: government response. Equality impact assessment (EQIA) on flexible parental leave and flexible working

Data from the impact assessment for proposals to make employment practices in the UK more flexible and family-friendly. The data provides ethnic breakdown of male employees; male employees with a...

Departmental Board Register of Interests

Register of Departmental Board Members’ (Permanent Secretary, Director Generals and Non-Executive Board Members) interests.

HSL Map Layers

National Population Dataset including national infrastructure

DECC Sickness Absence spreadsheet

Record of DECC sick absence

Local Growth Policy and Delivery Unit Stakeholder Contact Details

An on-going record of stakeholders for Local Growth and general details and contacts for them. This is primarily used to inform requests for visits by ministers and briefing.

Building Energy Efficiency Survey (main)

Survey data of energy use in non-dom buildings