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NSI Soil Structure

Table for determining structure of subsoils from the nature of their ped faces and their particle size class.

Host Class by Soil Association

Dominant Host class associated with each soil association in the national map plus a break down of the proportion of the soil association within each of the classes

Horizon Fundamentals (PG)

This product contains soil series-layer properties which describe the respective properties of four successive nominal layers within each soil topsoil, upper subsoil, lower subsoil and substrate....

Soil Series

Complete list of all Soil Series as defined in the Soil Survey Technical Monograph TM17, including pending series, old series which have been rationalised into modern series and non series classes...

Profile horizon properties of auger bores

Combined horizons details of auger bores collected on both the version 1 and version 2 RUFF cards. The original codified data has been translated and compiled into meaningful textual descriptions...

NSI profile

The National Soil Inventory (NSI) profile data is a spatial, point dataset with 6127 points, located in a 5km grid across England and Wales. NSI profile provides a very detailed description of the...

Mapunit GWPP

Summary of GWPP classes within each soil association

Raw Soil Pit Site Information

Soil Pits represent the most detailed descriptions made of a soil profile. They are used for classification of the soil series. SOILPIT SITE RAW contains the complete data collected for each site...