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Public Health Funeral details

Assisted Funerals conducted during a rolling year to date.  The information shown is all that the Council can provide with regard to Public Health or Assisted Funerals.   The Treasury Solicitor’s...

Trade Union Facility Time - Transparency Code

Information relating to trade unions within the Council Under the Data Transparency Code, we are required to update this information on an annual basis

Number of Homes in the Borough

Total number of households using data supplied by the Valuation Office. This is updated as at 31 March of each year

Staff Sickness

Staff sickness rate, measured in working days This information is published every 6 months, at the half year and year end. From 2017/18 onward sickness absence is reported as a rolling 12 month...

Interactive land map

Interactive map of Essex showing land owned by local authorities and central government.

Annual Reports

The council has to publish various annual reports in line with legislation or best practice. These are published on our website but are brought together here in to 1 place for openness and...

New Burdens Grant

The New Burdens Grant is paid by central government to local authorities under section 31 of the Local Government Act 2003.

Public Land and Building Assets

Land and building assets as defined in the Code include: all service and office properties occupied or controlled by local authorities, both freehold and leasehold, in this case Colchester...

Premises Map

A link to our interactive map showing temporary events notices, club and premises licences.  Data can be downloaded from the map page as follows:  Click 'Vertical View' button in 'Views' menu on...

Planning Applications 2010- 31/3/2020

List of all Planning Applications submitted since 2010, presented in a machine-readable format.

Waste Collection Contract

Colchester Borough Council runs its waste collection services in-house, so does not have an external waste collection contract in place

Planning Applications Database from 1st April 2020

A list of all planning applications submitted to Colchester Borough Council since 1st April 2020; in machine-readable format and updated monthly.