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Conservation Areas

Areas of land within Bolton covered by a conservation area order.

Compulsory Purchase Order

Data set of information regarding proposed or confirmed compulsory purchase orders.

Local Wildlife Sites

These are locally valued sites for wildlife. Designating them as an SBI is a means of protecting these sites of local interest and importance. SBIs have no statutory protection, but do receive some...

Town and Village Greens

Data set of Town & Village Greens and Registered Common Land

Local Nature Reserves

local nature reserves

Public toilets

Public toilets in Bolton

Air Quality Management Zone

no information available

Contaminated Land

no information available


Areas of land protected by article 4 directive.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Area

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 places a statutory duty on Lead Local Flood Authorities to produce a local Flood Risk Management Strategy to support the EU Floods Directive. This Strategy...

Listed Buildings

Properties and parks listed within the Bolton area.

Areas Suitable for Coal Extraction

Areas of surface coal identified in the Greater Manchester minerals and waste plan July 2013.

Town Centre Classifications

Boundaries of local Town Centres in the Bolton Borough.


no information available

Section 106 Agreements

there is no information available

Council Property Assets

Data set of Bolton Council ownership and interests with regards to land and property.


Application for hedgerows removals.

Minerals Safeguarding Areas

This data is defined by The Minerals Plan. It meets aggregate requirements and protects mineral resources across Greater Manchester until to 2028. Areas of Search and Mineral Safeguarding Areas...

Open Green Space

Greenfield land protected but not in the green belt.

Renewable Energy Schemes

Areas of potential identified as a result of the 2010 Decentralised and Zero Carbon Energy Planning’ study. There is no information on existing renewable energy schemes.