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Recreational Areas

Sites including sports pitches, greens, courts and playgrounds which serve the outdoor recreational leisure needs of the public. Areas are recorded as polygons

Parks and Recreation Grounds

Locations of areas managed as Recreation Grounds and Parks. Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence - INSPIRE

Blackbun with Darwen Recreation Areas - Inspire

Dataset shows recreational ares maintained by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Indoor Sports Leisure and Recreation Facilities REC9

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Indoor Sports Leisure and Recreation Facilities REC9 and was part of the Adopted Replacement Local Plan (2005)

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Recreation Areas

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Recreation Areas. This spatial overlap displays the recreation areas within the borough; including parks, playing fields and playgrounds.

Waterside Recreation Activity Areas Local Plan 2007 Policy SR10

Local Plan adopted 2007 Policy SR10. Defines the boundaries of areas where recreational development associated with the waterways may be acceptable.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council LDF Policy L4 Recreational Areas

Policy L4 New recreational areas are identified in: A) Brotton B) Guisborough C) Lingdale D) Skelton As shown on the proposals WMS features in order to help meet the shortfall in particular...

Protected Recreational Sites Local Plan 2007 Policy SR1A

Local Plan adopted 2007 Policy SR1A. Defines the boundaries of protected recreational open space throughout the District, including that not currently available for public use such as some school play

Public Open Space

Urban space designated by a Council where public access may, or may not, be formally established, but which fulfils a recreational, or non-recreational role (eg. amenity, ecological,...

Parks and Open Spaces

Formal parks, recreation areas and amenity open spaces in Southampton

School Playing Fields

Provide outdoor recreation facilities for use within the education sector and are recorded as polygons

Leisure Open Space

Important networks of public open space, natural green space and recreational facilities protected from inappropriate development.

Common Land and Village Greens

Common Land : Land registered as Common Land, for open public access and outdoor recreation, encompassing commoners and local grazing rights.

Open Spaces

Areas of land indicated as being of use for playing facilities and for the long-term benefit of the community for recreation purposes.

Open Spaces within Towns and Villages

Open spaces within built-up areas which provide important amenity benefits for local residents. They assist in meeting the leisure and recreational needs of locals and visitors, as well as...

Amenity Greenspace

Most commonly but not exclusively found in housing areas. Includes informal recreation green spaces and village greens. This dataset is currently under review and its accuracy is subject to the...

Green Corridors

Green Corridors in Southampton are known as Greenways. Ribbons of open space that follow stream valleys. They form valuable breaks in the built up area and in some cases reach out into the open...

Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation

Sites of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation polygon layer. This Policy Area is relevant to the Local plan 2015 Open Spaces and Recreation Policy CS19 and Thames and the Riverside...


Individual allotment plots captured as regions using Ordnance Survey MasterMap; attribution includes the allotment plot number and allotment site name. The data is maintained by the Parks and...

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Natural or artificial surfaces either publicly or privately owned used for sport and recreation. Examples of such provision include outdoor sports pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens, golf...