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Newcastle Libraries catalogue titles

Extract from the Library Management System (LMS) showing the libraries' catalogue of titles held in the collections. Due to a change of LMS in 2018 different fields are available from 2018...

Library Catalogue New Items

An RSS Feed of new items added to the WCC Library Catalogue. Data Items include: Title, Author, Category (may be multiple) and a Description which includes the ISBN reference and year of publication.

Online research catalogue: Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt

Research into the development and historical context of Naukratis, its re-discovery and excavation and its modern history

UKEOF Environmental Observation Activity Catalogue

The UK Environmental Observation Framework (UKEOF) works to improve coordination of the observational evidence needed to understand and manage the changing natural environment. It is a partnership...


Log of public record accessions to The National Archives. Partly overlaps with the public catalogue information.

Online research catalogue: Asante Gold Regalia in the The British Museum collection

Draws together the The British Museum’s collection of 220 pieces of gold regalia from the West African state of Asante in modern-day Ghana.

The single data list for central government departments

The Single Data List catalogues all the data that local authorities are required to submit to central government departments in a given year.


Library catalogue

Hospital Records

HOSPREC is a dataset produced by the Wellcome Library and The National Archives. It was developed to help locate hospital records across the UK. Information is provided on over 2,800 hospitals. The...

National Public Transport Gazetteer (NPTG)

NPTG is a database of localities (cities, towns, villages and other settlements) in Great Britain. It provides a common frame of reference for the National Public Access Nodes (NaPTAN) schema and...

OS OnDemand

OS OnDemand is a web map service that delivers our mapping over the web directly into your organisation. The service offers you mapping of Great Britain at a range of scales, making it ideal for a...

Austerity data

Data on savings tracked under the austerity measure. Updated: weekly.

Transaction Data

Transaction Data shows how many customer applications we completed in the previous month. We publish 5 different versions of this dataset. They're normally available to download on the 15th day of...

Data Losses

The number of incidents and customers affected by losses of data. Updated: monthly.

Debt data

The amount of tax debt (CT, SA, Employers' PAYE) arising in the year that remains outstanding. Updated: regularly.

Misuse of Data

The number of staff who are disciplined for mis-use of data. Updated: monthly.

Financial Data

Ofqual's financial data comprises records related to the expenditure of the organisation i.e. purchase orders, payments, accruals, receipts, etc.

Finance data

Budget data and tracking of budget spend. Updated: weekly.

Data Losses

The number of incidents and customers affected by losses of data. Updated: monthly.

Estates Data

Data regarding FSA estates. It covers running costs and space per FTE and workstation. The figures are used to benchmark against other government departments and the private sector. We are able...