Download Met Office data

The service below allows you to download hourly or daily data published by the Met Office, you can download by individual sites or all sites. If your system does not allow active content, you can enter the date manually with the following format: dd/mm/yyyy. Please note, this is a beta service at the moment.

Dataset record


trailing comma after each row

Dear Data.Gov guys

First of all, great service, thanks!

Observation Data

Issue 1

Each row of data (except the header row) has a comma at the end. This is causing my ETL to think there is one more column than there is. Please remove



"3002","BALTASOUND (3002)","60.7490","-0.8540","Orkney & Shetland","00:00","2014-06-01","SSW","6","","22000","8.20","1021","F","(Black) Low-level cloud",

should be:

"3002","BALTASOUND (3002)","60.7490","-0.8540","Orkney & Shetland","00:00","2014-06-01","SSW","6","","22000","8.20","1021","F","(Black) Low-level cloud"

Issue 2

The filename is some sort of hash (eg 9e5b22cc3327481991e5ffb3245a34a8.csv). Can you change this to "Observations_[Location code or All]_yyyymmdd_hhmm.csv"

Daily Forecast and Three-Hourly Forecast

Only text datums have speech-mark text qualifiers. Please can you use speech-mark text qualifiers on all the fields or none of the fields. Preferably all.

Other comments

If poss, please can we choose alternative delimiters. Eg tab, pipe (|), dollar ($).



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Observational data

Just a few comments about the observational data:

  1. To keep the data download as small as possible it seems to me that lat and longs to 4 decimal places is a bit over the top, most of the time (98%) the 4th decimal place is a zero anyway, and dropping it to 3 dp would save 130+ superfulous characters.
  2. Why not just include the stations site code and dispense with the site name, latitude, longitude and region which make up at least 50% of the string of data for each observation? You could add a link to a separate text files thet includes all location data, and by doing this you could drastically reduce the overall download size. This is how relational databases came about but I'm sure you know all about that...
  3. If you reduced the size of one hours observational data (see 2), you could then offer users a way of downloading data for an entire day in one go instead of coming back 24 times.
  4. Reduce the precision for air temperature from 2 to 1, the second 2nd decimal place is redundant as it is always zero.
  5. Instead of rounding MSLP values as you do, why not list them to one decimal place just as they are reported?
  6. Why not include a dew point or a relative humidity to make the content a bit richer.
  7. All these sites have automatic rainfall gauges and a lot of them have sunshine recorders, so why not finish the job and add hourly rainfall and sunshine values for sites that have the data and make it so much more useful for anyone interested in investigating the climate of any site in the UK.


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API for Excel VBA

Has any one created a function/VBA for excel that takes previous observation data and stores it into an excel? If so, would any share? 


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Combining data

Is there a way of downloading the 3-hourly forecast data for every hour for numerous day at once? I want to avoid separately downloading numerous CSV files separately.

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Download information authomatically?

Can I download the information from a day and a place from a web service or something similar instead of downloading the CSV?

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Is there any way to bulk

Is there any way to bulk download this data in much bigger chunks, rather than single observations?

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I believe you can access this data in bulk, for free, using the API described here:

And you can also get the data directly from Met Office, but you have to pay for any substantial use.

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password protected

Hi I've had a look at that api and made an attempt to get some data but it asks for a password. Have you made an attempt to use the api in any way?

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Hi there, you just need a free Microsoft Account to access the data. You can signup here: Just login with your new account and you have full access.

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geographic location

Can I get the geographic information of the sites, in the form of coordinates?

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How to verify the accuracy of forecasts vs observation!


I would like to evaluate accuracy of the forecasts by taking into account the observation data for a specific region such as: Central Tayside & Fife. However, in forecast data no information about regions just mentioed to country. Thus how I can deal with this problem.

Tks so much!

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Forecast data with region as in observation

Hello, how we can download forecast data for some special regions as in observation data?

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How do I use the API??


I am on the API page but there is no button to start the download. Could you navigate me to where I should be looking please?


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Azure API

Is the Azure API still active for new users? I noticed that Datapoint is being given a new release, but their API only allows downloads of observations in the last 24 hours. This data goes back further.

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Is this real data?

Or is it randomly-generated?

The temperatures (observation and forecast) for summer daytime periods seem improbably low - averaging around 11 to 14 deg.C in July and August 2016. I struggle to believe that average daytime temperatures were really that low at that time of year. It suggests that daytime temperatures were only a few degrees cooler on average winter days than on average summer days.

It looks like placeholder data provided to look like the Met Office is complying with the open government edict, without actually giving away any useful data.

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