UK Location Programme includes a catalogue of location data and web services. Location data is data that shows the site or position of something, perhaps a building or a road, a country boundary or a flood risk area.

Publication of location data is coordinated by the Defra led UK Location Programme. The Programme is charged with delivering the UK Location Strategy and the INSPIRE Directive.

What the UK Location Programme does

The UK Location Programme helps public sector organisations share and re-use of public sector location data to: support policy making; enable more efficient public services; and create commercial opportunities to develop services using the data.

The UK Location Programme has 3 broad streams of work

Policy and standards development

The Programme has produced standards for metadata, data and services to enable people to access data. Many of these are based on international standards including those mandated by INSPIRE. It’s essential that data published on follows these standards to ensure users can find, view and use data.

The Programme is also working to reduce the barriers to data reuse, for example promoting the Open Government Licence and providing guidance on managing intellectual property in data.

Engagement and Benefits Realisation

The Programme’s engagement work is focused on driving the publication of location data, particularly for INSPIRE, and helping people use the data that has been published.

Unlocking the benefits of public sector location data is a key activity; the Programme works with organisations in the public, commercial, academic and third sectors. It focuses on making data more interoperable, delivering data through web services and sharing best pro-active.

We have an extensive programme of work to demonstrate the benefits, we produce case studies, run pilots and track a broad series of measures, including some that are required under INSPIRE.

Technical Infrastructure Delivery

The Programme is delivering a data discovery service at This service enables data publishers to publish metadata for their location data and services. Data users can then use this central discovery service to find data through word and map based search interfaces. Catalogue Services for the Web (CSW) services and Application Protocol Interfaces enable machine to machine interaction.


UK Location Infrastructure

The UK Location infrastructure enables you to find, share and reuse, location data, including data published under the INSPIRE Directive.

See UK Location/INSPIRE Guidance now

To find out who to contact if you need to need advice or support please see the location contacts page.