UK Location Infrastructure

The UK Location Information Infrastructure is a UK platform for sharing public sector location data including data published under INSPIRE. The Infrastructure enables data providers to publish location data and metadata into This makes it easy for data users to find and reuse data and, because the data is available in a standard format, the Infrastructure helps to power innovation.

The Infrastructure consists of a catalogue (integrated with that is underpinned by a series of legal, business and technical frameworks. Together, these frameworks promote best practice in managing and using location information. The implementation of the infrastructure relies on input from a wide range of community stakeholders.

Discovery Metadata Service Explained

The Discovery Metadata Service is how users find data sets. It is a key part of the UK Location Information Infrastructure. The Service is supported by a series of common standards, specifications, software, committments and an operational framework. For data users, the visible part of the Service is the catalogue of discovery metadata hosted at, populated and maintained by data providers.

If you’re interested in searching the discovery metadata that has already been made availavble for a particular location, then conduct a Map Based Search here.

Conduct a Map Based Search

Alternatively, see a list of all location data.

View Service Explained

View Services allow data users to see how a location data set will look on a map. Some View Services may give indicative views of how data will look on a map rather than the full details of a data set. Some data sets may have restrictions on how they may be seen in a View Service. Any restrictions will be set out in the metadata with the data sets so users can be clear on what will be seen in a View Service. View Services provided by data publishers without restrictions can be accessed in the Preview on Map tool.

UK Location View Services are provided as web mapping services which conform to both OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) and INSPIRE standards.

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What’s coming?

UK Location Programme has published guidance and developed other tools to help data providers and data publishers make their data available. The guidance includes how-to guides on publishing data to the Infrastructure and the tools include a fully supported on-line metadata editor. If you are looking to provide and publish location data on, you can find guidance and other tools that can help you on the Guidance and Tools Page.


UK Location Infrastructure

The UK Location infrastructure enables you to find, share and reuse, location data, including data published under the INSPIRE Directive.

See UK Location/INSPIRE Guidance now

To find out who to contact if you need to need advice or support please see the location contacts page.