UKGovLD - opening the doors event

The UK Government Linked Data Working Group - Quick Start Team event - opening the doors was held on the 5th November 2012. The event was for anyone interested in being a part of the UK Government Linked Data Working Group, helping build UKGovLD ahead of major efforts next year to drive the Linked Data agenda forward.

Event agenda

Welcome, introduction and outline for UKGovLD were provided by Alex Coley who was voted in a Chair of UKGovLD at the end of the event.

A series of 5min presentations highlighting the mix of Linked Data projects across the public sector provided an enlightening and diverse session. All slides are available in pdf format.

Further details about the UKGovLD including the details of how to become a member are available on


10 second tour

  • Overview of Linked Data

    Across government over the last ten years there has been a growing realisation to the power of linked data for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data and information using uniform resource identifiers (URIs).

  • What is Linked Data?

    Linked Data is data in which real-world things are given addresses on the web (URIs), and data is published about them in machine-readable formats.

  • List of Linked Datasets & Vocabularies

    Linked data to explore, use and build other data on.