Place Matters: the Location Strategy for the United Kingdom

The Location Strategy for the United Kingdom was launched in 2008. The objective of the UK Location Strategy is to put ‘place’ within the heart of  decision making to maximise the value to the public, government, UK business and industry of geographic information. It will provide a consistent framework to assist national, regional and local initiatives and service delivery. Leading to more effective cross-organisational processes, far grater sharing and reuse across the public sector and beyond.

The aim of the strategy is to maximise exploitation and benefit from geographic information and to provide a framework to assist European, national, regional and local initiatives. Implementation across the UK of the Location Strategy will build a coherent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) oriented information infrastructure for place-based information, which will assist policy, local service delivery and operational decision making. It will drive out costs in collection of data, drive reuse of data and drive efficiency by improving targeting of both policy and operational delivery, which in turn will reduce the costs of implementation. It will be a cooperative effort owned by central, local and devolved governments in the UK.

The UK Location Council was established to deliver the strategy maintain the benefits described in the strategy and establish top management leadership and strong, authoritative and cross cutting governance.