Integrated Transport Planning Ltd.

Integrated Transport Planning Ltd.

Integrated Transport Planning Ltd is a dynamic consultancy specialising in integrated, sustainable transport planning and research.


Integrated Transport Planning was established in 1998 and employs 20 people working flexibly across three locations (Nottingham, Birmingham and Milton Keynes), it specialises in consultancy focussed on integrated, sustainable transport planning and research. 

Its new product, ‘Access Advisr’, was one of the 2011 Ordnance Survey GeoVation Challenge winners.  Access Advisr relies on an array of publicly available location and travel data to bring information about accessible transport networks together in one online location.  The inclusion of crowd-sourcing tools, which enable members of the public to add valuable content about their firsthand experiences of using transport networks in the UK (ratings, blogs, photos and videos), will ensure the site remains a relevant and user-friendly tool for years to come – even as the these systems and the built environment change around us.

ITP’s work in this field has led to them using open data to improve the quality transport projects for local authorities in England, as well as working on behalf of the World Bank, leading a team consisting mainly of contacts made through the GeoVation competition, to develop and pilot a suite of open source software tools and open data platforms that will improve the way urban transport systems function in the Philippines.