OpenlyLocal provides a large connected datastore of information about local authorities spending data, meetings and other data released by UK councils.

OpenlyLocal is an online project to develop open and unified ways of accessing local government information. Openly local access data from over 140 local authorities, creating dashboards showing information on wars, council committees and their forthcoming meetings and other information, as well as spending data.

OpenlyLocal is building a nationwide open database of planning applications as a tool for planners, communities, academics and government. OpenlyLocal pulls in data daily from over 130 councils, and are increasingly working with councils to publish this information as Open Data.

Openly Local publishes an Open Data scoreboard showing the status of UK councils. Of 434 councils, 100 are “open”, publishing dedicated open data page listing the datasets they publish (beyond the spending data required by the government), while 94 are fully open, providing their data as Open Data.