Government Procurement

Central Government’s potential contracting opportunities

For the first time, Central Government acting as a single customer is publishing information on its future contract pipeline. This pipeline will give an indication of potential ICT and FM opportunities, and potential Government Procurement Service frameworks including the Public Sector Network (PSN), which may be competed over this Parliament and with an estimated value of £5m or more. 
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this data indicates the best overall picture of the future pipeline, we cannot at this stage give a definitive indication as to how these contracts might be tendered. The data will be refined over time as Departments align more closely with Government’s ICT and FM procurement strategies or defer or stop projects that are no longer required.
The pipeline is based on unaudited administrative data and should not be considered as national statistics or as official statistics. Values for the GPS frameworks are estimates over the contract duration.
The Cabinet Office was responsible for collating this data but it is owned by Departments. Plans for updating the data will be released shortly.
Please note the following about the FM data:

  • It is based on 2009/10 Departmental FM data return actual spend, extrapolated over the contract term to calculate Total Contract Value
  • The majority of contracts ending 2011/12 are already encompassed within departmental strategies and therefore the opportunity is no longer available
  • Land Registry data submitted in 2009/10 was within Ministry of Justice data - in 2011 Land Registry transferred to BIS and for the purposes of this exercise are reported as part of BIS.
  • Excludes estate rationalisation plans and therefore size of price could be significantly smaller
  • Excludes contracts that did not have start/end dates submitted
  • Excludes IPD CA Category (Rent an Rates) but includes unitary charges for PFIs in total where FM cannot be identified separately
  • Additional spend data from departments is expected shortly. Anticipated Ministry of Defence ICT spend through the Emporium and Grapevine projects is significant, but is not available in detail at this time.

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