Environment dataset

so the stats here have been made available using the scovo rdf model. For the dataset agriculture-horticulture-survey (Jun 2008) crops, the items which belong to the scv:item class have rdf:label which is crops[a..a n..n] where [a..a n..n] is a single or double alphanumeric. tbh - it looks like a cell reference fro a spreadsheet.

My questions ...
(i) what are the uid's after the first part of the rdf:label - what do those single/double alphanumerics mean?

(ii) Items have rdf:value however there is little detail that I can dig out on units or the metadata about the dimension. The page for the survey http://data.gov.uk/dataset/june-survey-of-agriculture-and-horticulture-2008 gives no more details. and the survey links are broken. anyone any idea what these values are supposed to represent?

for example:

ahs-jun2008:crops-AA102 4359.9503


I'm guessing we're talking about field-beans in kent in the year 2008. However - I have no idea whether the 4359.9503 represents acres, hectares, tonnes, numbers of farms, or anything else.

Ideally the metadata for this should be with the dataset - but I can't find it.

has anyone got any ideas?