Open data white paper

We would like to hear your views on the recently published white paper; Open data - unleashing the possibilities.  Tell us what you think!

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Privatise the BBC

The BBC has become a gigantic organisation that has not kept up with the times. It could not have escaped the notice of the Public, Broadcasters and Parliament, that the majority of services it provides are available for free elsewhere. Reducing the size of the BBC to a small local public service broadcaster would not cause the viewing public any problems. In fact the government could sell off or franchise much of the BBC and raise serious money to help reduce the public debt. The public would not have to pay a licence fee and the money saved would filter back into the economy. At a time when we need to raise money, it seems a chance not to be missed. We don’t need a Rolls Royce to take the potatoes to market. If you switched them off tomorrow hardly anyone would notice. They are going the same way as printed Newspapers. Please consider setting up a review to test the merits of the idea.

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Sell BBC Knowledge and programmes to exernal sources

At a time of serious financial difficulties we need to look into all areas of public finance and expenditure, regardless of ring fencing by previous regimes’ or agreements. We cannot afford the luxury of individuals, groups or areas of public finances being untouchable or not subject to fresh reviews or idea’s. The four year funding settlement for the BBC for the period from April 2013 to March 2017 was agreed in 2010 in less financially stable times. Giving the BBC the certainty and security it needs to build for the future, while the rest of us struggle on, come what may is damaging. The agreement is not an excellent deal for licence fee payers, delivering a freeze in the £145.50 licence fee for the next six years. This is not as good as good as no fee at all. My original suggestions seem to have more merit than I thought at the time. I see only yesterday that the NHS has and is developing links with foreign partners in order to export its expertise and bring funding back into the health service. Great idea! However it will attract negative reaction from some who fail to see the need to generate fresh finances, while at the same time maintaining services and choice to its users. The BBC, Government and the Public should embrace this concept and explore the possibilities that the concept may be available to others.

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Off topic surely

Mike, without getting into the merits of your views on the BBC, I have to wonder why you are posting them here? What on earth does this have to do with open data or the Open Data White Paper?

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Political spam - and it gets on the home page!


I must agree.  The worst thing is that this piece of political spam is also polluting the home page as a forum topic.  This gives the impression, hopefully false, that the open data initiative is all about attacking institutions that the government does not like (see recent stories on leftie bias...).  "Open data", as such, should be politically neutral, enabling everyone to construct more informed arguments and evidence-based policies.  Perhaps if Mike was able to produce some serious analysis rather than polemic it might have a place on here somewhere.

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Is open data closing in on society?

You may wish to explore the following link to a blog I wrote about the open data introduction at

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