Where's the RDF and linked data? Question from a novice.


I need some perspective here. I've found the data I needed for an application I have in mind.

After finding it, it became apparent that the data is indexed on this site in multiple formats.

I then had a look at the SPARQL end point, but I couldn't find the datasource I required, which is to do with the NHS/health.

My question is, where's the linked data?

If it doesn't exist, am I to do my part and convert the data I require into RDF? If I do this, how am I to decide the relationships?

Any explanation is appreciated, thanks.


Hi, linked data are

Hi, linked data are interesting when you need share information between services, in a government it's pretty easy to see the interest, linked data can also be exploited by any service when the security concept is well defined about what you want kind of data can be public. The kind of application that can be developped is infinite.

Alexandre Jaquet

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But imagine the number of

But imagine the number of application a gov have developped for each service, imagine to adapt each app to exchange and communicate with each other within semantic or meta data

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