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I'm very confused.  I thought that this site was about Open data, so thought I'd add the local crime stats to our local website.

Fairly quickly found - but it's a terrible interface you have to enable Googlemaps to see any actual data it's all mixed up with boilerplate and I can't find anyway of getting at it in any other formats such as RSS... am I just missing something obvious?

The I tried the transport one - the links don't even work so you have to reinput the postcode and when you get to it has nothing except a map!


post code search


The functionality on is an experiment only, leftover from the previous site structure.  This has been kept public for a couple of months after the new site structure was implemented, under a Lab tab.  That section will be changing soon and we will not provide access to the old post code search tool.

If you wish to obtain local crime information, use the service directly from please.

We are working to bring an efficcient and reliable way to search our datasets via post code in the future.

Please note that datasets from the UK Location programme can be searched via post code using the map search option under the data menu item in



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