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I've been using the RSS feed here for a while. It has now become quite difficult to use, due to being swamped by the sheer number of expenditure files being posted. As these files will be posted every month or quarter or whatever, I guess this swamping will continue.

Would it not be possible to hive off all the expenditure files to a separate rss feed, so that users can choose whether they want to see one or the other or both? It is very much a specialised area all of its own, so I think this is appropriate.




search rss

If you make a specific search, you can get the results as RSS. You may be able to what your after by searching for something and sorting by 'last updated'.

For example, search for '25k'...

... and click on the RSS icon next to the results header to get this as an RSS feed...

You should be able to generate an RSS feed for anything you can search for.

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Thanks, but what I want is

Thanks, but what I want is everything except expenditure, so that expenditure doesn't swamp everything else. I can't imagine I'm alone in wanting this?

Your search is a bit primitive, and doesn't seem to allow "not" statements or anything like that?? A search for 'not "expenditure"' just brings up...expenditure! '- expenditure' doesn't seem to work either. 

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Just had another look at the

Just had another look at the search: it seems to allow negatives, but only if there's a positive first, and no wildcards (as far as I can see!) Help!

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hellomain page - where is


main page - where is rss?

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Better try to put sitemap for

Better try to put sitemap for your domain just like as ames Rss feed and let it be.

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Limit Subscription

You can simply limit the subscription to a limited user or you can create a separate rss page for the expenditure files.

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