RSS broken?

Hi all,

Since the site was re-launched last week my RSS feed of new data has broken, and my attempts to create a new one are all failing. 

My current subscription is to:*/rss.xml which hasn't updated since June 27th (the day of the relaunch). If I paste this link into a browser it now takes me to a 404 error page.

To try and create a new one I've clicked > Data > black search (8581results) > Sort By: last updated > RSS icon

This takes me to a 404 error page, as do all of the RSS icons, and if I right-click, copy link ( and paste into Google Reader if tells me the feed doesn't exist.

Has the RSS function broken on the relauched site? Or am I doing something wrong? Ideally there would be a catch-all RSS feed like the one I was previously using, and the ability to create custom feeds based on search terms.

Any thought/comments/fixes greatly appreciated!



Also, I don't want to sound

Also, I don't want to sound like a moaner, but your layout seems to have broken on my version of Chrome (19.0.1084.56 m). Everything looks fine on IE, but in crome your search and results results pages are all *very* oddly laid out...

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RSS and Chrome

I know it sounds cliche, but have you tried cleaning your cache? we did a thorough check with Chrome and found no breaking points, we even tried the latest release on the beta channel.  We know IE9 is doing some silly things and we are working on it, but nothing on Chrome from our test.  If you have specifics or screenshots let us know via

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RSS feed required

I'm looking for RSS feed that covers the whole site. where can this be found?

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We are currently revamping the RSS feature across the site both for the catalogue and the engagement section. As our site has a clear segmentation between the 'data catalogue' as a discreet product and the engagement and information sections, we will make sure that not only will you have a list of pre-set RSS feeds for these key areas so you can conveniently add them to your reader but also continue offering granular subscriptions across the site. It should not take us very long.

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RSS feed update

Is there an eta for this revamped RSS feed?


Andy Kent

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ETA for RSS fix

Yes, First week of September.

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