Burglaries category filter suddenly not working

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help me out.  I have a web site where I query the dataset at:


Until recently, my code was querying the API to return categories by "burglaries" by long/lat/date. In the last two weeks (or more potentially), this has stopped working. Now I just get all crime data so where as before I would typically get a few dozen or at most a few hundred burglaries returned, I now get a number in the range of thousands. The API call I am using is:

$url = "http://policeapi2.rkh.co.uk/api/crimes-street/burglary?lat=$lat&lng=$lon";

This is now not working, and we have made no changes to our site code. I notice on the police.uk site that the feature still works. Has there been a change to the way the API works in the last few weeks. If so, is this documented anywhere and where can we find the release notes?