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Party time period attendance technical data standard

Standard identifier: 
Standard Type: 
Technical Data Standards
Approved: Recommended
Date of Standard: 
Monday, 8 December 2014
Target audience: 
Data modellers
ICT procurers
System developers or programmers

This technical data standard binds the party time period attendance business data standard to an XML schema representation.

A record kept by a party (eg a learning provider or employer) of the presence or absence (or expected presence or absence) of another party (eg a learner, assessment candidate or employee). For example, an attendance mark for a pupil taken by a teacher at a school register-taking session, or a record made from a card-swipe by a learner at a further education college.

The party time period attendance is owned by the party that is keeping records. The record-keeping party is free to define attendance periods locally to suit their operations.

The party time period attendance encompasses both simple from/to date recording and period-based recording.

This is version 2.0, it replaces v1.0 of the standard.

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