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Party relationship technical data standard

Standard identifier: 
Standard Type: 
Technical Data Standards
Approved: Recommended
Date of Standard: 
Friday, 27 March 2015
Party (including organisation and person)
Target audience: 
Data modellers
ICT procurers
System developers or programmers

Technical data standards bind business data standards to a specific technical representation.

This technical data standard binds the party relationship business data standard to an XML schema representation.

This is version 3.0, it replaces v2.0 of the technical data standard.

A Party Relationship defines the data held by a Party (the 1st Party) about its relationship to another Party (the 2nd Party).

A Party Relationship may define the effective dates of the relationship pairing where it is valid for two relationships to be processed at a single moment in time across the Education, Skills and Children’s Services (ESCS) enterprise.

A Party Relationship may hold information related to the 2nd Party that is declared within the context of the relationship pairing and that may be different to what is declared in the context of another relationship, for example Ethnicity. The information held in this Relationship record is information that applies to all events based data that is linked to the Party Relationship (as defined in separate business data standards).

Where the 2nd Party is a Person, one or more languages may be related to the Party Relationship.

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