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Identifier: ISB-000086
Type: Guidance Documents
Status: Approved: Recommended
Version: 13.0
This document describes the data modelling standards applied to the business data architecture (BDA). The BDA needs to be distinguished from logical data models, physical data models and databases or physical data stores. From an enterprise architecture perspective physical data stores, physical...
Identifier: ISB
Type: Release Information
Status: Approved: Recommended
Version: 1.0
The ISB publishes new and revised standards in April, August and December. The April 2016 Release Note provides details of the latest additions and changes to the ISB document set. The standards may be accessed via a range of navigational tools available in the ISB Standards Library .
Identifier: ISB-000105
Type: Technical Data Standards
Status: Approved: Recommended
Version: 2.0
This technical data standard binds the Premises Business Data Standard to an XML Schema representation. This standard can be used to store or exchange data about the various premises units that are involved in the enterprise. Premises units may be a whole building or any segmentation of the whole...