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Nicholas Oughtibridge - Chair of the Information Standards Delivery Board

Nicholas Oughtibridge has a portfolio of responsibilities within the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), an arm’s length body of the Department of Health, with teams advising on the burden of collections, providing information governance advice and assurance to health and adult social care bodies and auditing recipients of HSCIC data.

Nicholas has had a varied career in health and care informatics, starting as a trust information manager and moving into service redesign in the NHS Modernisation Agency, focusing on improving the fairness of NHS waiting lists.  He designed the revised waiting list measurement system (18 weeks / referral to treatment periods) while he was the custodian of the NHS Data Dictionary in NHS Connecting for Health.  Before the closure of NHS Connecting for Health he was responsible for the development of NHS Data Standards. 

In addition, Nicholas is chair of the UK Government Data Standards Panel, the principle author of the Code of Practice on Confidential Information published 2014 by the HSCIC and he led the development of BS EN ISO 13940:2016 – A system of concepts for the continuity of care.  He is the lead for the British Standards Institute Health informatics committee portfolio for Software that is a Medical Device.

Educated at the LSE, Nicholas is a Chartered IT Professional Fellow of the British Computer Society.