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ISB Newsletter March 2015

Submitted by Graeme on 6 March 2015 - 9:51am

Re-appointment of the Chair
Deep Sagar’s two-year appointment as ISB Chair ended on 28 February. Ministers are pleased that Deep has agreed to continue as ISB Chair. The appointment has been extended until the end of November 2015. (It is customary during the pre-election period to avoid initiating long term appointments.)

February Board meeting
The meeting papers for the February Board are now available. The Board approved the standards for the next release. 

Next standards release
The next publication of standards is due in April. This will include new and revised standards and controlled lists in relation to: children’s services; enhancements to support the implementation of JCQ A2C Project; and minor improvements and maintenance changes.
Due to the general election, however, ISB secretariat aims to publish the standards by the end of March and will suspend the publication of any further information until Tuesday 12 May.

We are been updating the website and welcome any comments you might have. We plan further work to improve access to the standards by developing a repository. This will hold and reference the ISB’s controlled vocabularies and Business Data Architecture, in a way that allows use and re-use in multiple formats. 

We will no longer be using Huddle to consult with stakeholders on standards development. As we develop the website we are looking at different options for a new collaborative workspace.