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Qualification element (QE) outcome amendment reason type controlled list

Standard identifier: 
Standard Type: 
Controlled Vocabularies
Approved: Recommended
Date of Standard: 
Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Courses and qualifications
Target audience: 
Data modellers
ICT procurers
System developers or programmers

Controlled lists represent the possible values of a constrained attribute for data interchange.

This controlled list describes the controlled values for qualification element (QE) outcome amendment reason type.

This Controlled List is referred to by the QE_Amendment_Reason_Type attribute of the QE Outcome entity, which is defined within the QE Outcome Business Data Standard.

This Controlled List allows an Assessment Centre to specify a reason for adjusting the outcome of an assessment.

This Controlled List is considered to be one that a User might pick a value from, for example “Missing Pages” or “Transcription error” may be provided as options on a screen.

It is intended for use by, for example, ICT procurers, system developers, programmers, data modellers and statisticians.


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