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Party personal assessment associate party data standard

Standard identifier: 
Standard Type: 
Business Data Standards
Approved: Recommended
Date of Standard: 
Monday, 8 December 2014
Party (including organisation and person)
Target audience: 
Data modellers
ICT procurers
System developers or programmers


This standard can be used to store or exchange data that covers the event of recording the parties involved in a PARTY PERSONAL ASSESSMENT.

The PARTY PERSONAL ASSESSMENT ASSOCIATE PARTY identifies any PARTYs in addition to the assessor and assessee and information about the association with the assessment such as the start data and end data and the involvement reason.

Compatibility with non-ISB standards

There are no known compatibility issues related to this standard.

Data definitions: 
Associative Entity
PPA Associate Party
The PARTYs involved in a PARTY PERSONAL ASSESSMENT who are additional to the two main parties of the assessor and assessee.

The following references are specific to this Business Data Standard:

  • ESCS ISB Business Data Architecture Entity Relationship Diagram, version 8.02

The following references apply to all Business Data Standards:

  • ESCS ISB Standards Overview and Context

  • ESCS ISB “System“ Enterprise Architecture - Business Data Architecture

  • ESCS ISB Business Data Architecture Data Types

  • ESCS ISB BDA Data Architecture Modelling Standards

  • ESCS ISB Management Process


The standard reflects canonical model version 1.2 for Children’s Services - not all data items from the analysis are resolved as yet in this version.  The remaining data items will be resolved in an April 2015 release of this standard.