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Implementation of ISB standards

The ISB advises and collaborates with organisations to support the implementation of the following projects:

  • the Joint Council for Qualifications A2C project that exchanges data between awarding bodies and exam centres based wholly on ISB-compliant data. The A2C project involves implementations of systems with the seven largest awarding organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and all of the significant schools and colleges MIS systems and, when fully operational in 2016, will carry entries and registrations for all GCEs and GCSEs each year
  • the DfE Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) which provides services for managing Parliamentary Questions and correspondence. DfE has developed a Dynamics CRM data architecture from which ISB-compliant import and export can be constructed. This not only ensures that the DfE CRM systems built from a commercial off-the-shelf product, can comply with ISB standards but also illustrates how commercial software can be configured to also comply with ISB standards
  • the DfE data modernisation work that includes the Data Exchange project, which will collect and transfer data from schools, colleges, children centres, etc