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About the ISB

The ISB’s mission is to facilitate information sharing across the education, skills and children’s services sectors; agree information standards to aid front line delivery; improve efficiency, reduce costs and minimise bureaucracy.

Our work

The ISB works in partnership to identify and adopt, adapt or initiate the development of new data standards to meet expressed business needs.


The ISB standards are not mandatory. They are created by the ISB, fit for all and freely available. The adoption of standards is encouraged wherever they make business sense and benefit data sharing.

Implementation of ISB standards

The ISB provides support to help realise systems that are based on ISB standards and to ensure they remain in alignment as they go through revisions. The ISB, however, it is not responsible for the adoption or implementation of standards outside the approval activity.

The Boards

The ISB has split into two boards; the Strategy Board and the Delivery Board, with a smaller Technical Support Service to support it.

The aim of the Strategy Board is to set the strategic direction of ISB, and will focus on encouraging the sector to use the system. The Strategy Board oversees the Delivery Board that directs the delivery of data standards and the data model.

The current members of the Strategy Board are:

Iain Bell (DfE)
Frank Bowley (BIS)
Tim Adams (LGA)
Duncan Baldwin (ASCL)
Iain Bradley (DfE)
Karen Crowston (Service Birmingham)
John Curtis (iStandUK)
Barrie Laslett (Barnardo’s)
Nicholas Oughtibridge (ISDB Chair)
Jan Roszkowski (Ofqual)
Andy Youell (HESA)
Tom Zebedee (Ofsted)

The terms of reference for the ISSB will be published in due course.

The Delivery Board is led by a Chair who is independent of the organisations which are likely to be adopting the standards. The board includes members drawn from across the education, skills and children’s services sectors (ESCS). The current members of the Delivery Group are:

Nicholas Oughtibridge (Chair)
Kate Evans (Ofqual)
John Perks (SFA)
Gwen McGill (DfE)
Tony Matthews (A4L)
Chris Wiltshire (JCQ)

The terms of reference for the ISDB will be published in due course.