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Score updated: 19/03/2018
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The content contains multiple datasets where each dataset contains the transactions above £500 in value (£25,000 in central government) for a single public body before any cleansing, enrichment, aggregation or other data improvement has been made by Spikes Cavell other than the identification and redaction of payments made to individuals, standardisation of the file format (including column headings and positions).

In order to enable faster downloads the CSV files have been zipped. Each zip file contains a single CSV with the same name as the zip file.

For the exact text of the licence, modelled on the one, please see the linked page.

Local authorities represented on spotlightonspend:

  • Borough of Poole
  • City of Westminster Council
  • Epping Forest District Council
  • Guildford Borough Council
  • London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
  • South Somerset District Council

Police, Fire & Emergency Services represented on spotlightonspend:

  • Surrey Police
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Additional Information

Added to 10/08/2010
Theme Government
Themes (secondary) Government
Temporal coverage 1/4/2008 - 30/5/2018
Geographic coverage England
Precision Invoices over £500
Update frequency monthly
Temporal granularity day
Mandate No value
Schema/Vocabulary No value
Code list No value
Service Level No value

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