Roads Service Road Network (NI) (INSPIRE View Service)

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Provider: DRD Roads Service

Responsible Party: DRD Roads Service (owner)


This data relates to roads within Northern Ireland as provided by Roads Service (DRD).

Please note this data has a zoom extent of 60,000.

Users outside of the Spatial NI Portal please use Resource Locator 2.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 55.3184° to 53.9595°
Longitude: -8.1754° to -5.4056°

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Resource locator
Resource locator

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Source GEMINI2 record
Source GEMINI2 record (formatted)

Additional Information

Added to 21/12/2012
Theme Transport
Harvest URL
Harvest date 18/02/2014 16:30
Metadata date 18/2/2014
Harvest GUID {0A180FA0-151D-4B81-A8CD-5C4CD0ACD3D3}
Extent Latitude: 55.31843406° to 53.95952524°
Longitude: -8.175488909° to -5.405669026°
Spatial reference system 4258
Dataset reference date 26/6/2012 (revision)
Responsible party DRD Roads Service (owner)
Access constraints use of the data is subject to agreement with the relevant terms and conditions and UK Crown Copyright 2013
ISO19139 resource type service
Metadata language English
Gemini2 service type view
Themes (secondary) No value
Temporal coverage No value
Schema/Vocabulary No value
Code list No value
Service Level No value
Frequency of update No value
Coupled Datasets (none)