Plymouth Sound and Estuaries substrate map

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This dataset is a broadscale biotope map of Plymouth Sound. This map was produced as a result of a broad scale mapping survey of Plymouth Sound carried out in July 1996. A data review was also carried out in this study. Mapping was carried out using acoustic techniques, validated by dive and remote survey. Predictive maps of biotopes were prepared with GIS.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 64° to 46°
Longitude: -26° to 7°

Data Resources (3)

Download from the “EUNIS habitat maps from surveys” package, Broad, Medium and Fine scale data
Interactive map
EMODnet Seabed Habitats WMS

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Source GEMINI2 record
Source GEMINI2 record (formatted)

Additional Information

Added to 17/12/2015
Theme Environment
Themes (secondary) Mapping
Temporal coverage 1/7/1996 - 31/12/1996
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Harvest date 17/12/2015 11:52
Metadata date 17/12/2015
Harvest GUID def2bf87-8a3c-494b-87a2-debad92db917
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Extent Latitude: 64° to 46°
Longitude: -26° to 7°
Spatial reference system OSGB (SN) 80 datum
Dataset reference date 1/12/1997 (publication)
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Responsible party Natural England (custodian)
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