Performance data on Government ICT projects (31 July 2010)

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Government Spending

A spreadsheet of details on Government ICT projects as at 31 July 2010 and valued at over £1million. Departments own the data. ERG collated the data. All the data is published apart from that redacted for reasons of commercial sensitivity or because it is confidential. These are not official statistics; since collection some of the data will have changed; as a result of the freeze on new ICT project spend and the Departmental reviews of their ICT Project portfolios, some of the projects listed here will since have been stopped or significantly re-scoped; the data will continue to change in the future; this publication will be updated regularly, however the specific form of future publications has not yet been determined.

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Data Resources (3)

Data on UK Government ICT projects over £1million, as of 31/07/2010
Data on UK Government ICT contracts as part of projects over £1million, as of 31/07/2010
Data on UK Government ICT projects over £1million, including a tab on contracts, as of 31/07/2010

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