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Score updated: 18/03/2018
Open Data Certificate: Bronze Level

Provider: Ordnance Survey, Great Britain

Responsible Party: Ordnance Survey, Great Britain (publisher)


OS Open Names is a geographic directory that contains basic information about identifiable places (Named Place). The content of the Product is divided into themes based on their type and local type classification values. The primary use of the product is to provide the location for a named place to support discovery or identification and visualisation, geocoding, routing and navigation and linking diverse information about a place (for example, statistics or descriptions). The name of the place will be the key property used for querying. It is also recognised that a place may have multiple names; an official name, which may be defined in multiple languages (English/Welsh or English/Gaelic), for example, Cardiff (English) and Caerdydd (Welsh). Names are not unique so additional location information is provided to enable users to refine their query to select the Named Place they are interested in. These include: postcode district, populated place, district/borough, county/unitary authority, European region and country. The OS Open Names specification will extend the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) Geographical Names theme to ensure that it is compliant with European open data initiatives.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 60.86° to 49.86°
Longitude: -8.45° to 1.78°

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OS Open Names product description
OS Open Names Atom feed
OS Open Data download page - BNG, tiled option
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Source GEMINI2 record
Source GEMINI2 record (formatted)

Additional Information

Added to data.gov.uk 24/03/2015
Theme Mapping
Harvest URL https://os.uk/xml/products
Harvest date 27/10/2015 11:40
Metadata date 15/10/2015
Harvest GUID d442b64c-c8c8-11e4-8731-1681e6b88ec1
Harvest source reference http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/xml/products/OSOpenNames.xml
Extent Latitude: 60.86° to 49.86°
Longitude: -8.45° to 1.78°
Spatial reference system http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/27700
Dataset reference date 23/3/2015 (publication)
Frequency of update biannual
Responsible party Ordnance Survey, Great Britain (publisher)
Access constraints No limitations on public access apply.
ISO19139 resource type dataset
Metadata language English
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