Number of dwellings by tenure and district

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Towns & Cities

This dataset covers the years 2009 to 2013 and shows district level information with a tenure breakdown between local authority, Private Registered Providers (PRPs, formerly known as Housing Associations or Registered Social Landlords), other public sector and private sector.

Figures for 2012 and 2013 are provisional.

Local authority stock

For 2012, the data on local authority and other public sector housing stock are taken from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Local Authority Housing Statistics (LAHS) return, which is completed and returned every year by local authorities. Prior to 2012, the data on were taken from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA). These data are used directly in the dwelling stock tenure split.

Private Registered Provider stock

Information on PRP stock prior to 2012 comes from the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) Regulatory and Statistical Return (RSR). From April 2012, the TSA has become part of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and information on PRP stock is now published in their annual Statistical Data Return (SDR). The SDR (and the RSR in the past) is completed by all PRPs every year in one of two variants; with PRPs owning or managing fewer than 1000 properties completing a shorter, less detailed form than those owning or managing 1000 or more properties.

Other public sector dwellings

‘Other’ public sector dwellings follow the Census definition of a dwelling and include dwellings owned by any public sector body other than lower-tier local authorities (district councils, unitary authorities, metropolitan district councils and London boroughs) or Private Registered Providers (housing associations). This category includes dwellings owned by government departments (e.g. Ministry of Defence) and other public sector agencies (e.g. the NHS, the Forestry Commission, the Prison Service or county councils). Please note that it includes dwellings that are vacant even if they are scheduled for demolition at a future date.

Private sector stock

Private sector stock is split into owner-occupied (OO) and private rental sector (PRS). There is no direct measure of either of these tenures due to the difficulty of collecting this private information and the relatively fluid interchange between these two parts of the private dwelling stock. The current methodology calculates an estimate of the PRS using information from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and English Housing Survey (EHS).

This data was derived from Table 100, available for download as an Excel spreadsheet. For fuller information please see the 'Dwelling Stock Estimates:2013, England' statistical release available in
PDF format.

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