Numbers of non-SCS Civil Servants by grade working in the Cabinet Office

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A list of numbers of Civil Servants by grade for each group of the Cabinet Office. Please note that a number of staff are not included for security reasons. The table above details all staff below SCS working in the Cabinet Office. Staff numbers are expressed as full-time equivalents (i.e. 0.5FTE = 2.5 days per week). The following groups of staff are included: all staff loaned or seconded in to the Cabinet Office (regardless of funding arrangement), and staff on paid maternity or paternity leave. The following staff are excluded: all staff in the Joint Intelligence Organisation & the National Security Secretariat; all contractors, consultants and fee-paid staff; staff on unpaid maternity leave & career break, staff on loan or secondment out of the Cabinet Office (regardless of funding arrangement).

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Staff details of non SCS civil servants

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