Noise exposure data - England

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The data show the estimated number of people affected by noise from road traffic, railway and industrial sources, based on an annual average 24 hour period for the situation in 2011. The information arose from the strategic noise mapping undertaken to meet the requirements of Directive 2002/49/EC (the Environmental Noise Directive (END)) and the corresponding regulations.

The information is given for each agglomeration covered by the END and for the major road and railway sources outside agglomerations as defined in the END. Other notes:

• There is no requirement to map industrial sources outside agglomerations.

• Not all agglomerations have industrial sources covered by the END that cause population to be exposed to noise levels in the ranges shown

• The noise exposure ranges shown reflect the requirements of the END

• The END is not prescriptive over exactly what noise sources have to be included in the strategic noise mapping.

• For all agglomerations, the road noise mapping was based on Motorways and A roads only, using data compiled by the Department for Transport.

• For all agglomerations, the railway noise mapping was based on the standard passenger and freight network only.

• For industry, only those sites which met the definition of a Part A(1) activity as described in the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 were included.

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1/7/2014 Noise exposure data - England

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