London View Management Framework Protected Vistas

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Responsible Party: City of London (pointOfContact)

Towns & Cities

The London View Management Framework (LVMF) protects key views of London from parks or other well-used public spaces that help define London. Further details set out in the LVMF Supplementary Planning Guidance March 2012, The London Plan 2011 Implementation Framework. The implementation of the Mayor’s LVMF SPG within the context of the City of London is set out in Local Plan Protected Views Policy CS13. To aid assessment of the views data, the Protected Vistas needs to be used with layers:

• Assessment Points • Heights • Landmarks • Protected Vista Points • Sightlines

Polygon layer records all elements of the Viewing Corridor and Wider Setting Consultation Areas for each of the views detailed in the LVMF. ArcMap documents set out the context of each view within the City of London. See also the Protected Views SPD for further information or contact Monitoring & Information team for further details.

• Easting & Northing – Coordinates as specified in the LVMF. • View Type – Records the subset of views as identified in the LVMF – London Panorama, Linear View, River Prospect or Townscape View. • Designated View – The name of the designated viewpoint as identified in the LVMF. • Assessment Point – The reference code for the viewpoint as identified in the LVMF. • View Description – Text description of the viewpoint as identified in the LVMF. • Landmark – The relevant Landmark feature for those views with a Protected Vista. • Ground Level Height – Measured in metres Above Ordnance Datum (AOD). • Camera Height – Camera height in metres Above Ordnance Datum (AOD) used for photographs from the viewpoint as used in the LVMF. • Bearing – the fixed bearing of the centreline of the view. • Protected Vista – flag for those views with a protected vista. • Protected Silhouette - flag for those views with a protected silhouette.

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Latitude: 51.5230° to 51.5076°
Longitude: -0.1125° to -0.0711°

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