Live traffic information from Highways England (previously Highways Agency)

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Live traffic information data showing traffic information on the strategic road network in England, maintained by Highways England (previously called the Highways Agency).

Update: 10th December 2015 Following the last announcement in 2013, the transformation to a new traffic information data service is complete and a new range of data products have replaced the legacy traffic information pull data services.

The legacy Datex 1 datasets which provided live traffic event data are no longer being updated and have been removed from The Datex publications have been replaced by lighter xml feeds showing current and planned roadworks and unplanned traffic events across our road network. The xml feeds listed below will be supplemented by a traffic data API and JSON mobile api which will be published on our page shortly.

Please contact us if you have any immediate concerns about these changes and we will work with you to provide a replacement service where possible.

Alternatively, please register as a data subscriber for more information about the new Datex service.

Update: 12th August 2013 Following a change of supplier, the NTIS system is being re-developed and will eventually replace the legacy system. Please consult the updated document which describes the NTIS Legacy DATEX II v1.0 Publisher.

New services will be delivered in DATEX II v2 format using web services to push data to subscribers. Full details of the new services can be found in document NIS P TIH 008 available from the TIH website. Potential subscribers’, Project Managers and engineers seeking to develop a new interface are encouraged to consider using the new services.

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NTIS heritage services - NIS P TIH 006
New NTIS DATEX II v2.0 services - NIS P TIH 008
Traffic England Data Subscriber

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